Hi, I just finished building a coil. Frank, If it is allready smooth, then there is no need. When the spark gap first fires, the energy in the primary capacitor is dumped into the primary coil which stores the energy in a magnetic field. One is very hot and some are cold or warm. I would also ask how it is possible for either plug to continue to fire if the other end is actually disconnected from its respective spark plug?

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I would also like to commend the RMCybernetics sales and warehouse staff for their accurate filling and prompt delivery for each one of my on-line orders. The output ignution of the coil is proportional to the rate of change of current in the primary coil. Tried it out and got plenty of sparks from the topload.

I noticed your secondary is only about 3cm wide. Also what kind of capacitors did you use such as the voltage rating and the rating and how many. Does ignitiln require its own 9v battery for power? The ignition coils are driven with a variable frequency ignittion. For a Jacobs ladder it will work better with more current because this is what increases the plasma temperature and allows it to draw out further. At certain spark gap discharge rates the plasma column can be made to resemble a stable double helix formation.


My frein gave me this circuit and claimed it had worked before. Our surplus coils are resin filled and have the inputs at the opposite end of the coil. If the electrodes are separated quickly once the arc has formed, it can be drawn to over 10cm length. Power electronics ognition at this voltage and frequency is as much of an art as it is science.

Ignition Coil Driver

Here is one of my videos of Mini Max. You need to protect the transistor ugnition over voltage by using voltage clamping devices such as MOVs or Zener diodes. Anyway, a igniton needs an AC input so putting a rectifier before its input will prevent it from working.

It looks more like a continuous 12V signal with the expacted back emf spikes of around V. Yes it is possible, but the destructive power of it would not be like it is on the game.

DIY Mini Tesla Coil

I think you may have seen Fig. Here is the final version of a based ignitkon coil driver I built. Your doing great with your great website. Even battery powered Tesla coils are very dangerous and can kill instantly.

Older ignition coils such as ones from a scrap yard may not work as well as new ones.


DIY Mini Tesla Coil – RMCybernetics

Please choose a name and stick to it for your posts on this site. Put the reel of wire on a roller like a pen in a clamp. There are many ways to reduce EMI and it can often be useful to use various snubbers in different parts of the circuit.

You will certainly need to protect your circuit. So it needs to be an AC signal.

You can use a mains adaptor but it should be rated for about 4A or more. Also can you tell me how and where to put in the timer which legs do i use of that.

PS love cil site.

RTFTechnologies High Voltage Ignition Coil Driver

Thanks for your help. The ignition coil driver is used to charge the primary tank capacitor. It uses the flash circuitry from a disposable camera to charge a capacitor the original flash capacitor. They work pretty well.

I want to make a 6 ft tall tesla coil for a science project. Normally the filter would go coik before the load such as a transformer.