Boy is that fragile. Just wanted to know the specs of your Acer Aspire z BL50 have the exactly the same computer but no specs for it and cant find em anywhere. September 9th, at 2: Your pictorials are great, saved me a load of hassle. Thanks for the guide.

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Great info and photos. Should I take out the MB?

Keyboard for Acer Aspire 5110 5500 5500z 5515 5610 5610z US Laptop Small Enter

Ashley, I have a aspirez and when u power it on the power button lights up but the screen is still black as if I didnt turn it on how can I get it to come on? I think mine is already busted. You can access it after the keyboard is removed.

Other sites say it will support up to 4GB.

After that you can stop shorting the jumper. No sound coming out of it. Now when Keyboars turn it on I can get to the ACER screen and then nothing, when you push the f2 all you do is wait and nothing. Leonidas, Is it possible to upgrade the CPU and what kinds of processors do they fit? It has a Phoenix bios, therefore Looking at beeps keyboxrd code for phoenix bios I think of likely failure is Initialize Power Management.


Thanks for putting the effort into publishing these guides! It is so hot that i cant even touch it.

Keyboard for Acer Aspire z Series Black US | eBay

This was Quite helpful but i needed to know if the processor can be separated from the motherboard as i want keynoard replace the processor. Short the jumper using a screwdriver. It makes 5 beeps sound when I turn it on, then it does not boot and it turns straight off. September 9th, at 2: The battery is soldered to the motherboard. Is it possible to replace the sound card in this laptop? Ok, the million dollar question… Where does ksyboard go?

Acer Aspire Z Keyboard PK –

I have an Aspire Z and my wireless card stopped working. Lastly, do you know how I can find out if my laptop is still under warranty? The z that I have was given to me by my sister, worked for about a week.

Do you see the sign: Thanks for your reply,as you said about removing the memory module i did that but no luck. It previously had a Core Duo T 1. If so where can I buy one and how can I do it. If this guide works for you, please mention the model number in comments after this post.


I bust the brown clip on the keyboard connector though. Let me know which method works for this model. Thanks for your great instructions.

Do you mean install a dedicated card into the PCI slot and keyobard the integrated card? Thanks a lot for the tutorial dude. Thank you very much! I hav an acer aspire very same as above. The weird thing is that it now boots up much slower than before, despite the fact that I have installed Win 7 very cleanly without OEM junk on a few IBM Thinkpads of the same vintage; they all keyboare or less share the same chipsets and components but the IBM models kick the crap out of the Acer, even though the Acer has the more powerful CPU!

Can someone answer me, please?