There is nothing dull when addressing a ball with this club. Available in left hand lofts: What length should I select? I can see why Golf Digest rated the C Just wanted to say thanks for this review.

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Bought it off ebay and tried it for a couple of games. What grip size should I select?

Alpha Reaction Golf C830.2 Titanium Drivers

An Allen wrench tightens the shaft as if it was originally bonded. May well it continue. Just bought an Alpha C I can see why Golf Digest rated the Alphaa I hit 2 drives on one hole that finished 2 feet apart. This club should be one of the first clubs you try, not the last. Because misses high on the clubface of a deep-faced club typically produce an acceptable ballflight, drivers in the recent years have gone deeper and deeper.

The Alpha has followed suit with the C Reading some of the other reviewsI figured that this club would deliver, but I did not think it would be nearly as good as my Titleist.


Something I like to do is take a few full waggles and practice swings to get a feel for the stiffness of the shaft plasa the weight throughout the swing. What flex should I select? Dozens of PGA players alphs carry the C This helps give the C True to the nature of technology and the limits imposed by the USGA, there was no noticeable difference in the distance I hit the Alpha. Men’s or Women’s Men’s Women’s.

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The patented M-Fit Interchangeable Shaft system involves a lightweight titanium shaft sleeve permanently attached onto the tip of the shaft. Or anyone else for that matter, my roommate was hitting it way better than his driver first time hitting it too. Performance of golf clubs and equipment is alphq solely on their own merits and quality. Leave a Reply Cancel reply Your email address will not be published. Look c30.4 Feel The Alpha C The standard information including loft, and clubhead size is stamped on the bottom for your reading pleasure.

Alpha C830.4 Plasma LX Driver

Graphite 45″, Men’s Std. Episode The Sand Trap. Just wanted to say thanks for this review.


From the first swing I could tell that the Alpha was going to be a good driver. Proven with multiple Long Drive Championship wins, the C It just may find a spot in my bag permanently.

Trademarks used on this site are the property of the named companies and are used for reference and comparison only. My current Titleist S also has 9. I hit the 9.

The Alpha not only feels like a solid piece of metal, but it sounds like plasmw too. Senior Regular Stiff X-Stiff. It is the first driver allowing you to customize the award-winning Alpha head with any and all shaft flexes.

Plasma welding technology is used to reduce unnecessary weight around the face to produce an extremely solid and lighter constructed head for an incredible feel upon impact. This eliminates the need for epoxy to glue the shaft and head together.