This feature is really for certain users who, often, want just tracking without goto plug it in and use manually. Please follow the instructions below. NO “Telescope, error turning tracking” message, thats good! So lets set that up. Be prepared for limitations and problems. For the two first reasons you will need to recheck your setup and confirm that the serial WiFi adapter’s baud rate actually is

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ASCOM – Standards for Astronomy

You’ll also find plug-ins for TheSky and other useful tools and components here for download. Move the telescope to its park position, stop all motion or restrict to a small safe rangeand set AtPark to True. It looks like that the park position is not saved? Your computer must have Win98 or better.

Radio Eyes Telescope Control Tutorial

Optionally, protocol framing characters may be ascok to the string before transmission. Move the telescope in one axis at the given rate. ASCOM is a many-to-many and language-independent architecture, supported by most astronomy devices which connect to Windows computers. Don’t display at all? While there is much more to learn you should appreciate the simplicity of this interface within Radio Eyes to a radiotelescope.


I hope this long message makes something clear. Click on it and the Scope Simulator interface will appear as shown below.

Controlling a Telescope over WiFi. Kind regards, Emiel Kempen www.

Matches the scope’s equatorial coordinates to the given equatorial coordinates. No matter at what observatory this operator is located acom can count on asco able to call him or her up and tell them, “Corky, please use the Tutorial Telescope and perform a drift scan on Taurus A tonight.

Since our wireless router in this case has an IP address in the This feature is really for certain users who, often, want just tracking without goto plug it in and use manually.

This information will be made available for scpe Driver. This rechargeable lithium USB battery pack is optional but very useful if you have no other power source for the serial WiFi adapter. Latest firmware is recommended but will run with old firmware backwards compatible with reduced features. Radio Eyes is a busy program and so it is best to use a fairly fast computer with plenty of memory. True if this telescope is capable of programmed slewing synchronous or asynchronous to local horizontal coordinates.


See the help file sope release notes! The new topic will begin with this message. Your header in Here. I will do it at the ascoj time and send you back the telescope coordinates as I change them. So just wanted to say – Thank you guys! True if this telescope is capable of programmed asynchronous slewing to equatorial coordinates. The hand control serial port based only is then connected to the telescope mount. Set False by calling the Unpark method. Name Description AbortSlew Stops a slew in progress.

Finally clear weather here in the Netherlands to do some tests. When you told him to use the Tutorial Telescope he knew he could go to the TutorialTelescope. Dcope coordinate system used by this telescope. Indicates the pointing state of the mount.