The high-priority hold function operates in real time every I’m trapped with this issue at the moment, not knowing why this happens. These basic functions are used in a 4th function that toggles a given pin on a given gpio port. USART0 is used to output telemetry. I am not able to read or write information into the fram. The example below demonstrates this application for the PWM0 line. At the end of boot.

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The autopilot works under the control of the interrupt controller. The archive is updated every week, so will not always contain the very latest posts. The autopilot parameter string looks like this: I was initially surprised when I first stumbled over the first at1sam7. Posted by Marco Jakobs on November 13, If there is no SD card, the autopilot parameters are set from the code structure.

The last step is calibration of the sensors – the current averaged values of the sensors are taken as zero.

I am using twk sample code from the atmel-homepage. Introduction to Microcontrollers Mike Silva. I could not make use of the TWI peripheral since this was being used for something else and when I read the Atmel documentation I’m actually not even sure it supports slave mode anyway.


When reading an SD card, the telemetry gives the calculated flight parameters via bluetooth see subchapter 3.

i2c driver on AT91SAM7S-EK (using FreeRTOS) –

Armpit Scheme can be used to implement a rudimentary expert system. Delivered online or on-site. They are then used in functions that: Divide by 48, multiply by ? The function is applied to modify the duty cycle of PWM0 from its initial value of zero to a value of So, this fixed the first problem but there was still often an unacceptable latency starting the interrupt.

The toggler uses the functions defined earlier in the GPIO example above which are therefore also needed for running this multitasking example.

Thanks for your help! In return for using our software for free, we request you play fair and do your bit to help others! Every 3 clock cycles, the HiPriorityFunc software interrupt function is called, which is designed to hold the aircraft in the correct position in space and monitor the presence of an external control signal.

Basically you power-up the device with TST pulled high the other pins have internal pull-ups so no need to explicitly pull them highwait for about 10 seconds and then power-up the device without TST pulled high. As a last example, Armpit Scheme can be used to apply the obfuscating Applicative Order Y-combinator described for example by Daniel P.


The symbol indicates the comment and this string ignored. Posted by incrediball on April 13, The rules are as follows: The entry code is very simple: Thx for the Sample, but i found the problem. At step 10, the navigation information is processed and altitude, course and speed calculate. The example below illustrates how to configure and read the RTT.

So, I am sure that the need for fast interrupts is not too insignificant. Sign in Sign in Remember me Forgot username or password?

AT91SAM7-64 and TWI (i2C) with FM24C64

A total of 8 interrupt handlers are used in the system. Thursday, September 29, 1: This thread is privately moderated by Maksimuzzwho may elect to delete unwanted replies.

If SD card present the autopilot parameters are initialized from SD.