Can you post your system specs and OS in use as well? Your comment-less removal of a useful part of the bug description after the confrontations already occurred in this bug is frankly rude. I installed fglrx-updates which, for some reason, has had this broken version backported to Precise’s fglrx-updates, but you would expect that from fglrx-updates I guess. It is mostly agreed that all AMD cards based on R V 6×0 and R V 7×0 chips are affected – if your board’s chip is a member of these families, you should consider this bug report to most likely apply to you. This is huge deal breaker for me, since I use my PC mostly for watching movies.

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My FirePro V ceased to work with the fglrx driver with the exact same update, in the exact same way, as described here, and has the same underlying chip as Radeon HDs known to be affected. No proprietary driver installed is reported from the system – admin – hardware drivers and the display config tool just gives unknown “It appears that your graphics driver does not support mlbility necessary extensions to use this tool.

Download the driver packages from your distro’s repos and use that.

Best driver for ATI Radeon HD – Ask Ubuntu

Identifying your graphics card or APU First, check your graphic raedon name and chipset: Linux – Hardware This forum is for Hardware issues. There is nothing we can do if at AMD they don’t update their driver.

Mboility defaults to 8MB sometimes, see your logfile. The dash is slow, it takes a few seconds to come up and if I type anything in it takes a second for it to show what I’ve typed and even longer to find results.


I did upgrade but ended up going back to Even though it works fine with the generic open source drivers, it would be nice to use this computer at its full capabilities. Raveon this is wishful thinking, and more than easier said then done.

AMD/ATI Open Source Drivers (amdgpu, radeon, r128, mach64)

Easy to understand Ubuntu manual with lots of pics: Because I need this laptop for school and I am not planing on doing any major modifications on it. Besides bad coding, skipped frames in the original recording, not the machine skipping frames, the video output has 450 stable, fluid and without artifacts.

Email Required, but never shown. I would also not recommend using Catalyst on hardware that old anyway. My experience is unfortunately quite poor with my Mobility Radeon HD RV The dash is slow, it takes a few seconds to come up and if I type anything in it takes a second for it to show what I’ve typed and even longer to find results.

Well, that might make it worth pursuing were I running a laptop.


ATI mobility radeon HD i got an acer as with same graphics card and i am wondering the same, will this card lnux with latest ubuntu, i am though gonna do a clean install right now with ubuntu As this bug report has a clear focus on the Radeon legacy Old fglrx drivers wont work with new kernels, but old drivers and old kernels should work together just fine, so I’m not sure what is going on there – can you provide more details?


The other option for people on Quantal is to upgrade to Raring. Maybe they just haven’t gotten around to it yet, even though they’ve upgraded their more recent drivers, but if that page is anything to go by there’s still a good chance they might update the legacy driver eventually or even soon.

Modules can also check ABI versions themselves, and choose which function variant to call or structure variant to access, based on the reported versions – this is the option used by some closed source drivers for instance. It actually wasn’t THAT long ago that I tried to use it, but I’m still sure it’s much older than what Ubuntu is currently using because it was on the stable version of Debian: The next driver, 8.

I shall add it back with additional notes. Jonathon Fernyhough jfernyhough wrote on Want to know if that peripheral is compatible with Linux? The balance of evidence regarding the FirePro V seems to be support was dropped in 8. Output for fglrx 9.

RadeonDriver – Community Help Wiki

Hence, please do not add this into the description. So you are in fact hitting this bug. Pete Graner pgraner on Buying intel because they have the best open-source driver support would be a good idea I have currently Ubuntu Precise, If you have a laptop that’s getting mobiliyt hot, try setting the power management profile to low.