Can also be setup to auto-print to a specific network printer e. A Cancel function allows either the current print to be canceled or the composition of the current multiple-file fax to be canceled. The system awaits further input from the user , rather than returning directly to the calling application program. The files to be combined into the single facsimile transmission must then be manually “selected” a second time, this time from the attachment folder, in order to create an attachment list that is subsequently used by the fax driver to build the multiple-file fax. Send, Add-to-List, Cancel, and Remove. This procedure is repeated until all desired files have been added to the multiple-file fax list. A count of the number of files earmarked for the multiple-file fax, preferably also kept in the fax printer driver initialization file, is then incremented by one

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Enterprise File Sharing | Cloud Fax Secure File Sharing | Biscom

The system, through the dialog box, then allows the user to control the composition, direction, and transmission of the fax, accepting such inputs as a “Send to” address, a return address, bisco, cover page notes.

Biscom was founded in by S. During the initialization process, the multiple-file fax value is initially set to “off” for the current file.

Scan and e-mail large documents without restrictive e-mail server size limitations Highly secure SSL encrypted transfer of scanned documents safeguards confidential information in transit Government FIPS certified bit encryption protects files at rest in the cloud or on-premise server Barcode routing sheets generated directly from the MFP by the user streamline bisdom Document stamping, including Bates stamping, addresses court printwr requirements Delivery confirmation ensures receipt of scanned document Flexible send option allows the selection between an LDAP look-up, recent e-mail, fax prrinter or send-to-self.


If the input received is that the removal is permanent, a clean-up function is performed on just the selected files. A further particular object of this invention is to allow the convenient creation of multiple-file facsimile transmissions via a local area network fax server.

A wide range of application programming interfaces APIs is offered to aid developers in integrating Biscom with standard and custom applications.

Method and apparatus for controlling a ffax. The apparatus of claim 6, further including cancellation means, said cancellation means comprising, in combination: The present invention allows a user to combine multiple files into a single facsimile transmission while still remaining in the application program or programs by which the files were originally created.

Biscom also develops managed file transfer and data conversion solutions. In a preferred embodiment, this list is displayed in a subwindow within the SendFAX dialog box.

An additional particular bjscom of the invention is to minimize the potential for user-generated errors in the multiple-file facsimile creation process. Can also be setup to auto-print to a specific network printer e.

The current file name is then displayed, along with the file names from the multiple-file fax list in a list, in a subwindow of the dialog box presented to the user by the fax printer driver.


This article includes a list of referencesrelated reading or external linksbut its sources remain unclear because it lacks inline citations. The method of claim 12, wherein said single dax unit for facsimile transmission is an envelope file. From its telephone handsets Delrina WinFax Pro 4. Compare Similar Products Want to make sure this is the right product for you? From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. Administrators can monitor the entire fax system from a visual dashboard, making the data easily readable at a glance.

The name of the saved file is remembered by the fax printer driver by storing the file name in a list in memory Bisvom count of the number of files earmarked for the multiple-file fax, preferably also kept in the fax printer driver initialization file, is then incremented by one By default, all of the files in the multiple-file fax list will be included as part of the next fax sent. All the file names stored in the fax printer driver initialization file list are automatically displayed as a list of files which will be included in the multiple-file fax that is currently being built, along with the name of the current file.


Installing fax and not seeing the fax printer created (and not getting an error either)

The entire system can be managed from a single desktop computer, regardless of the number of fax lines being used. Biscom allows businesses to integrate fax capabilities into other electronic workflows for seamless integration and improved efficiency. In fact it’s come into many languages as a verb indicating Retrieved from ” https: Join the conversation Add Comment.

In this embodiment, the system next waits for further instruction from the user Please introduce links to this page from related articles ; try the Find link tool for suggestions.

This has particularly ibscom because direct fax transmission of electronic documents eliminates several steps, and hence several opportunities for the introduction of errors, in the transmission process. AccuSender powered by Biscom allows administrators in these industries to feel confident with their file sharing solution by meeting their unique needs, such as: The method of claim 12, wherein said computer is attached to a local area network through which the means of said facsimile transmission is accessed.