How to apply color correction using the Gradie Otherwise, all my other searches turned up nothing, unless you shop online. I don’t think you’ll have any regrets. At least that reminds you that you are working with bluray Anyway. I miss the great sound I used to get with dvd movies when I had it connected to my old-er generation soundblaster card, which I long time ago removed from my system, maybe 5 years ago, replaced by my turtle beach still in my win98 pc but without EAX support: It is a solid problem-free unit. Give the a trial test run and see if its worth buying.

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Gosh, I can’t wait for BR discs to go down in price. Especially since it plays m2ts files nicely with no file size restrictions.

Buffalo BRHC-6316U2 User Manual

All in all, this was a successfull first try outs. You never know what some clerk might have shuved in those areas.

So, I guess its the single layer, and not the dual layer. The time now is Here’s my success, so far: Its a fun unit. Nero 8 re-encodes butfalo videos to mpgv files.


Oh, also, the unit is quiet. As far as the unit goes, it has not failed or given any signs of failure since I fired it up. For the life of me, this has proven very unsuccessful. Compile a Bluray disc with: The unit is always cold.

If I did, I would not have any toys. Me, I can’t wait, so I hurry on down to my nearest store and hand them some cash, hehe. Then, bufflo the videos will play.

TechRadar pro

Read some online reviews and it is very mixed. Just go and see what you might find. Let me try this out right now. I bufcalo visited the Buffalo forum boards. But, I could prob just do two compiles separately and then drag both the compiles brrhc-6316u2 author in imgburn and see what happens.

I went frantic searching for it as I was about to post this. Sorry, but I focus on the audio last, and the majority of my testing almost always excludes audio, as these demonstrations proved.

I have a brh-6316u2 on order. If you don’t know nero, look elsewhere. All seem to agree that the bundled Nero software blows the hinges off the vault doors at Fort Knox. Contact Us VideoHelp Top. But, once I got up and running with my first proper term: That’s a great price for a Blu-Ray burner.


This unit is imho, a solid built unit.


I purchased those several movies though not buffall because I wanted to see what the quality aspects were about, plus what this medium has to offer in terms of special features, menus, etc. I only know that in when using Nero 8 that I could create chapters i think and pics were assigned to them and I could choose where I wanted to jump to or start the movie playing at position.

At least in my test trials with it. That too, is convoluted, by the way. But this time, I guess I robbed them, for a change I honestly didn’t think I was ever going to get a good deal on anything cause I thought they would all be take up.