As a surround sound solution with support for Dolby Digital, the DTT remains a freestanding solution to the extent that its connectivity is compared more to that of a small home receiver. By default the system ships with the horizontal faceplate mounted, but a vertical face place is bundled with the system and it only takes a matter of seconds to change them around. Mid-priced sound bar that lives up to high expectations Mid-priced sound bar that lives up to high expectations by Ty Pendlebury. So the sound produced from the speakers is of a better quality since the signal is kept as digital until it leaves the electrically noisy environment of the computer case The input ports are neatly placed at the top of the box while the speaker output ports are lined up at the bottom. They sent a final production model which corrected many of our problems.

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After all, the Sound Blaster is the product put them at the top of the sound card market. The remote also offers access to a speaker-test button that you can use to make sure you placed the speakers properly and connected them correctly to the box.

Music by Joan E. For the amplifier’s Multi-Channel selection, the Digital DIN is on par with the coax connection in the digital section, and the analog connection is fairly quiet as well. General Speaker System Type. Speaker System Details Speaker Type.

Cambridge SoundWorks has chosen to not make this information available to the public; possibly for saving space in publication though the information is not available through contacting the company, eitheror possibly to avoid quantifying what is revealed by listening tests. Skype and Alexa are now ready for your sweet talk The camvridge skill rolls out this week, in time to “Alexa, Skype Grandma” during the holidays. Cambridge SoundWorks Desktop Theater 5.


There are 5 different faceplates included. For those that read the original article, this is a revised review, resulting from Creative Labs informing us after publication that the original sample we received was a preproduction unit. This noise will be present at high listening levels, though the program level overpowers it at the higher listening levels, so it will only be noticeable in critical listening conditions.

They all exhibit their sounsworks tonal reproduction in the upper midrange and high frequency parts of the spectrum.

Cambridge SoundWorks DTT 3500 Digital 5.1 Surround Speaker System *UPDATED*

Speakers 35000 Steve Guttenberg Dec 1, The changes we have made to the review in the final sections reflect the performance of the production systems.

The front and rear satellite speakers bundled with the system are going to be familiar to owners of the DTT systemthough the center channel speaker has been enlarged and carries more power.

Be respectful, keep it civil and stay on topic. It works eoundworks and I can still access all the other input ports without accidentally pulling out any wires.

Cambridge Soundworks Desktop Theater 5.1 Floorstanding Speakers

Audio System Designed for. Mid-priced sound bar that lives up to high expectations Mid-priced sound bar that lives up to high expectations by Ty Pendlebury.

Optical Input soundworke the xbox, PC, PS2 or any other piece of equipment that has optical output Coaxial Analog Front and rear inputs for older soundcards or for computers with soundcards that do not support any other input method. However, it has been reduced to soundwokrs almost unnoticeable level, so long as the input is not producing any noise in the system.


When the volume is maxed out, as in many speaker systems, there is some underlying hiss. Cambrjdge Home by Lori Grunin Nov 19, The system has a strong presence at the bottom of the frequency spectrum, which is centered around the subwoofer.

Alexa’s music-discovery flow will now be like a conversation, asking you questions and playing song samples to land on tunes you actually want to hear. Before addressing the system’s characteristics, it is important to explain an issue that resulted in the original review describing the system with excessive noise.

Cambridge Soundworks DTT Digital | eBay

However when playing late at night the dialog can be hard to hear, and subtle low-level effects may get lost or alternatively the loud parts will wake everyone up. First impressions can work for or against a product. Watch it live here Samsung Developer Conferenceday 2: PC multimedia home theater speaker system. In saying that the noise problem has been fixed, it does not mean that all noise has been eliminated from the system.

Cambridge SoundWorks DTT Digital Surround Speaker System *UPDATED*

rtt Watch it live here Mobile by John Falcone Nov 8, Learn how your comment data is processed. The center channel speaker, with a larger driver than the other satellites, performs slightly better in the lower midrange frequencies. Surround sound decoding is also handled by the integrated decoder, so a six channel sound card is not required for this system.