B B Decrease the value of the following in service mode: Use lint-free paper to dry wipe, and use alcohol thereafter. Work Checks Remarks A. Turn off the power switch when the copy paper is in the feeding assembly, and check the image. The system software of the machine consists of multiple modules, and specific modules as needed at specific times are called into the system area of the SDRAM for execution.

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F F F [2] [4] [3] [1] [1] [1]. The light-blocking plate is at PS The site must be well ventilated.

Canon imageRUNNER 105

F [1] [1] [2][2][2] [2] [3] [3] [1] [2]. Standard white plate 4.

The machine must not be installed in a cold place or in an area near a source of fire or subject to dust. Secure the face plate [2] removed in step 4 with 2 screws [1] as shown.

Check caanon power supply system; imagerunndr normal, replace the photosensitive drum. F [2] [3] [1] [5] [1] [2] [3] [4]. F Side Paper Deck accessory 1 Slide out the compartment, and adjust the position of the latch plate [1] of the deck open solenoid using the 2 screws [2]. When Replacing the Hard Disk When replacing the hard disk unit, be sure of the following: F 6 Remove the screw [1], and detach the drum cleaner pipe cover [2]. You will use the removed parts later.


Calam̩o РimageRUNNER iR Parts and Service Manual

If the power plug is left connected for a long time in an area subject to excessive dust, humidity, or smoke containing oil vaporan insulation fault and, ultimately, a fire can occur owing to the build-up of moist dust.

F 8 Connect the power plug to the power outlet, and turn on the main power switch. Be sure also not to install a machine near an air vent. F 2 Loosen the screws [1], [2], cabon, [4]; then, tighten the screw [5] to a torque of 1.

Canon iR Printers and MFPs specifications

The cause is between scanner and CCD. Fixing, displaced registration, soiled back Remarks Standards single-sided Leading edge: Leading edge margin e.

Remove the External Delivery Sensor 1 Remove the external delivery roller. F 11 Fit the door switch actuator in the imqgerunner switch assembly. Do not move to B or C without correctly executing A.

Do not throw toner into fire to avoid explosion. Check imagerknner find out if the transfer guide is in contact with a metal portion e. Close the compartment cover [1], and then close the front cover [3]. F 3 Disconnect the connector [1], and detach the internal delivery senor [2]. Potential control, Photosensitive drum Developing bias control 9 Turn off and then on the power switch. Removing the Control Kmagerunner Unit 1 Disconnect the connector [1].


Canon iR 105 – Printers and MFPs specifications.

A heat pipe [4] is also imagdrunner inside of the developing cylinder cover. Primary charging assembly 3 Clean the primary charging wire, grid wire, and shielding caon. Check to make sure that the changing assemblies are firmly fitted. This permits enough to produce high quality copies, and also for scanning paper in electronic photo album pictures on a PC.

Check the life of the scanning lamp; if its end is reached, replace it.

It compares the sates of the original size sensors when the machine-side sensor goes ON and 3 sec thereafter to identify the size of the original on the copyboard glass.