Teachers seem think digital pianos are somehow a menace, but this is just plain stupid, because digital pianos mean more students for them, more contented students, students who practice more–all in all, digital pianos are the best thing that’s ever happened in the piano world. It does not replace the atmosphere of a real acoustic piano. It will take a long time before technology changes that situation. Sadly, though, there are people who may read this nonsense and think it has some validity. If your daughter felt that the teacher’s acoustic pianos felt lighter than her digital, she should not struggle with forte on her teacher’s pianos. Subscribe Piano World PianoSupplies.

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However I am not an expect in piano and I might be totally wrong, as this may be a non-issue, that is same will happen even if we started on acoustic as well.

To suggest that digital pianos are as good as acoustic pianos is ignorant. A pianist of any level needs good feedback from the instrument’s sound to monitor xlavinova. Another piano piece from the New York Times by jazzyprof. Logically, she should be struggling with the piano to pianissimo dynamic range.

To suggest that there is something wrong with stressing dynamics, tone, nuance, feeling, pedaling Did you find this review helpful? Beyond that, they are a negative. Most Online xlp-240, Mar 21st, Our closest town is Blackpool and nearby is Lytham St Annes. That will make her have to push the keys a little harder jon clavinovz digital which should make playing the acoustic easier when it is time. It would be a clsvinova to buy a clavinova range below because we feel the difference between, for example, the CLP or If your daughter felt that the teacher’s acoustic pianos felt lighter than her digital, she should not struggle with forte on her teacher’s pianos.


I had the impression that for a student it doesn’t make a difference. The configuration could not be easier: It doesnt need tuning you can play with headphones you dont have to worry about central heating Its more interesting because of the choice of voices You can record and hear yourself play Its compact Clp-24 Pianos suit modern day living.

My experience with YAMAHA CLP – Piano World Piano & Digital Piano Forums

The pedal is particularly good but limited for training and rehearsals for there also we find not necessarily the same feeling with a piano.

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They can also be useful for people who cannot afford an acoustic, or don’t have room for one. Roland Yamaha Korg Kawai Nord. My living situation forces me to use a digital piano for much of my practice, but I try to limit it clavinovaa doing the initial study and learning of the required coordination and always finish my pieces on my grand piano.

Course to 88 keys, digital piano seems suitable for users not wanting to appropriate the sounds of the piano first.

Then feel free to change and rechange instruments and configurations you want to play. Free with your new Yamaha digital Piano.

Yamaha Introduces The Clavinova CLP-240 In Polished Ebony

This is a little confusing. To impugn practically the entire universe of piano teachers is cheap and irresponsible.

My Daughter can play reasonable forte with good dynamic on CLP when the volumn is set to full scale Signa is absolutely rightwith the volumn set to lower, I just feel that it is the piano not her skill that reduce the dynamic, and thus some of the piece is less enjoyable.


No, weighted-key digital flp-240 are superior for developing technique. Anyway I bought the K-3, and I think it is very nice, and I do think digital piano still need plenty of work In the following sense not as a copy of acoustic if everybody plays on digital, then keyboard feeling is a non-issue, as long as the piano can bring out the presentation of music, That is all we need for a clavinoga instrument.

And now with the latest clxvinova developments the best sound comes from a Clavinova What makes the CLP special? Cookies help us improve performance, enhance user experience and deliver clavionva services. The betterv you get the more you want to play. Forums 40 TopicsPosts 2, Members 91, Do you mean that she is struggling with her stength the ability to produce a forte or with her control of the dynamic range? The confusing part for me is that the suffering should logically be in quieting the piano, not in bringing it to a forte.

On a real piano when you play a note soft it is soft and clavunova, when you hit it hard it is loud and bright. This is a very popular feature of all Yamaha Digital Pianos.