Look in the System section. Resolution is measured in dots per inch dpi. In our experience HP are very slow to release driver updates for their scanners. Turn the calibration paper so that all the arrows point into the scanner and recalibrate. How do I recalibrate my scanner?

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If applicable, try plugging directly into the computer instead of a hub.

The first thing you should do is calibrate you scanner. If the scanner is located in Unknown devices or Other devices or has a yellow exclamation point next to the scanner under Imaging devices please contact technical support at If there are no imaging devices, confirm that it is not located Unknown devices or Other devices.

Make sure the correct scanner is selected in Select Source field.

What do I do if I get an error when opening data source? If the scanner is not there or has an error message next to it, please uninstall completely. What should I do?

Ambir Docketport USB Duplex Scanner Overview – CNET

In most situations this is a user rights issue. If this change eliminates the error message then you will need to have an administrator adjust the destination folder settings so that the user has both read and write rights to that folder.


It will be listed as System Type.

Full color calibration is really a two-step process: Resolution is measured in dots per inch dpi. How do I clean my scanner?

Supported Scanners

Call Tech Support at The purpose is to ensure accurate reproduction of color for images. Look in the System section. We suggest that you select the scan size closest to the item you are scanning to minimize the black space.

What do I do if my scanner is not working properly? We have over 70 scanner models in our test lab and we are constantly updating our test scanners as manufacturers release new models. I can scan with the scanner but the image output is totally black. If none of these actions resolve the problem, please call technical support at What should I do if I get black or white lines on my scan?

We regualarly test that these scanners will work with EzeScan. The first thing you should do is to recalibrate your scanner. Right click on your scanner and go to Properties. For heavy users, once a month may be necessary.

If you do happen to scan a document with wet liquid paper on it you will need to immediately clean your scanner 3 or 4 times.


Dockeyport can I tell if my Vista operating system is 32 or 64 bit? Be aware that if you are using Windows XPe make sure you have Service Pack 2 installed and install the appropriate driver on the client hardware connected to the scanner.

Drivers & Support – DocketPORT

Generally, the best indicator of a needed cleaning will be the appearance of any black streaks that show up on your scanned document.

If the image sensor is being touched by dockftport item and you still receive the message to insert the item to be scanned please call technical support at If this does not improve the quality of your dokcetport, then clean your scanner using the supplied cleaning sheets. First, make sure that your USB cables add up to a length of no more than 10ft.

What should I do if I get a Load dll.