Imagine trying to get water from the reservoir to the city. You currently have javascript disabled. Compression is giving up parts of information that you again can loose without missing. In the box euphemism it meant cutting some of the cubes in halve so we could add the additional color information. Sort of like stretching 4 inches of Saran wrap over a 6 inch bowl. Some use it a supplemental cameras for television work, and others have even used it to make low budget movies to show on a big screen. This section needs additional citations for verification.

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Green also meant safety as it represented places to hide such as the canopies of trees so in evolutionary terms may have had the most significance and perhaps why our eyes sees a large range of green well.

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The DVCPRO50 Format

There are more robust cameras and formats but often price dictates what people can afford to use, so manufactures offer various settings for various applications. Few are using tape today but when you have history to recover from dvcpro tapes this type of player is the only way to recover images from these tapes.

With proliferation of tapeless camcorder video recording, DV video can be recorded on optical discssolid state flash memory cards and hard disk drives and used as computer files.


The DV meta-information is preserved in both file types. Sort of like stretching 4 inches of Saran wrap over a 6 inch bowl.

LINK ports for digital video transfer.

DVCPRO50 | Article about DVCPRO50 by The Free Dictionary

In[2] DV was joined by a successor format HDVwhich used the same tape format with a different video codec. Red or yellow, however, the tape is the same. Please log in to reply. First off, a box does not have to be filled completely to be properly packed. Blue didn’t represent much in terms of food, or safety so we don’t have as many receptors in our eyes for blue.

And that is why we have differences in formats. So compromises were made to allow color to be entered in the picture.


You currently have javascript disabled. It was shot on a consumer format DV but was able to play well enough to see on a big screen. The item may have some signs of cosmetic wear, but is fully operational and functions as intended. Some might say compression is like squishing the imaginary cubes down so you can fit more into the box.

It was launched in with joint efforts of leading producers of video camera recorders.

And some models had more bells and whistles. Whichever container is used, the video itself is not re-encoded and represents a complete digital copy of what has been recorded onto tape. Views Read Edit View history. Baseline DV uses 4: A research undertaken by Sony claimed that there was no hard evidence of the above statement.


For you at home, simply replaying formats on a TV without having to process the information in editing, you don’t need much to start with.

Ratings and Reviews Write a review. P2 SxS MicroP2 Skip to navigation Skip to content TapeOnline will be closed the following dates: In some cases you might need the four cylinder car, and in others you might need the performance. All DVCPro cassette tapes can be dvc;ro in the three modes: If the goal is progressive-scan distribution like Web videosprogressive-scan DVD-video or filmoutthen no filtering is applied.

Early Hi8 ME tape was plagued with excessive dropouts, which forced many shooters to switch to more expensive MP tape.

But if you had two pipes, you could spread the water out and both pipes would not have to ddvcpro as hard. Most DV players, editors and encoders only support the basic DV format, but not its professional versions.

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