It’s like bubble wrap that never pops. This is a basic, dumb mouse for which you will only use the standard Windows mouse drivers and settings. Turn the sound on in the embedded video below, and first you’ll hear what a decent mouse sounds like when you click it. Then I touched it. Welcome to Our Official eBay Store!

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But before I even had time to get into a game, I hated eaterntimes. We reserve the right to void any listing with typographical errors or mistakes.

Easterntimes Tech

Then you’ll hear what the X sounds like texh you press its buttons down. It is sold under the Zhi Zhu brand. You can toggle the polling rate of the wireless transmitter between and Hz by holding down the right mouse button and scroll wheel button for a couple seconds.

Then we discovered this wireless mouse from “Easterntimes Tech. Compact Receiver The wireless tiny receiver can be inserted into the slot next to the battery slot, allowing ease of storage when not used.

And the X looks like the rest of them. The mouse is lightweight with a cheap plasticy feel and the sort of poor tolerances, with wide seams and gaps. There is no software associated with this mouse at all: It tried hard to fit in with easherntimes other mice while completely missing the point.

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How can this be?


Gaming with this mouse is a disaster. The item which is shown in the photos is the actual item. Note that if you click on one of these links to buy the product, IGN may get a share of the sale. I hope this gives you appreciation for your current gaming mouse.

We found it: This is the worst mouse ever made | PC Gamer

We reserve the right to exam all returned items before replacement or refund. An early Bluetooth mouse that lost signal more than six inches from your PC. Those who demand the most instantaneous response might find a big difference between a 4ms polling rate and 1ms, but most of my gripes come from all the other ways in which this mouse feels terrible.

Customer service moouse our top priority. Speaking of batteries, there is no integrated rechargeable battery; just a slot for a single AA, which adds considerably heft toward the back of the mouse, screwing up the balance.

It is also sold for a couple bucks less under the Pictek brand.

Easterntimes Tech X Wireless Gaming Mouse Review – IGN

Then I touched it. We recommend By Zergnet. You can choose from five DPI settings which cannot be customized. Turn the sound on in the embedded video below, and first you’ll hear what a decent mouse sounds like when you click it.


Comfortable Hand Feeling With special processing and advanced material, this wireless mouse makes you feel comfortable. There is no place to plug in a cable for wired operation should you run out of juice and have no AA battery available. But no matter its flaws, it will never be as bad as the worst mouse in the world. This is a mid-to-low profile mouse suitable for claw-style grip, but the heavy rear weight from the AA battery makes it hard to keep the mouse straight with just your fingertips.

You will receive what you see in the pictures. Click here to Subscribe to our Newsletter. I misplaced walls and doors in RimWorld. You simply tap the buttons beneath the scroll wheel to switch between, and DPI. Energy-saving If mouse is not used for over 8 minutes, it will turn to power saving mode to save energy.

It looks more or less like other gaming mice.