The latency depends on whether the computer is able to schedule your program with a delay small enough so that it can write more data to the buffer in time. You can use arecord utility, which is part of Alsa package, to record any sound from the microphone: After you get the kernel source installed, this is what worked for me the -edirol is optional: Try to locate three important buttons:. That looks perfect to what I need. One of the guitar cables resting on floor touching computer? You should be able to play music.

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Thank you very much. If it works with the stock kernel, then maybe it can be one of the USB devices to recommend.

Alsa Opensrc Org – Independent ALSA and linux audio support site

Especially considering the price. By the way, I use and created the patch under Ubuntu Studio too, so it is supposed to work ok By joining our community you will have the ability to post topics, receive our newsletter, use the advanced search, subscribe to threads and access many other special features.

Anyone know if the advanced mode can be coerced into 16 bits? It provides 16 bits, If so, I can try to test anything.


I installed Jaunty edirlo 1 on a test partition, since it uses a 2. You are more than welcome to contribute this page.

Contents 1 Understanding the Edirol UA logic 1.

Recording With Audacity and Edirol UA

Because if that does, that solves all my audio problems period. I’ve briefly looked at some of the apps, like the Ardour multi-track software. At the moment, I am leaning towards the Edirol UAEX since I can probably effectively use all of its inputs and it seems to be more professional, but I will only order it once I get my system working on a new kernel so that I can focus my return window on getting the the Edirol UAEX to work.

If so, what do I call it? Well, I am not A linux geek, but in another post we have managed to patch the alsa driver.

Would it go through the ALSA maintainers? The sound file is You can choose sample rates using a button.

Sorry about the off-topic, be happy to have messages sent via ua-2 forum instead of posting here.

Clemens Ladisch was helping someone get this going, but from looking at the archives the attempt fizzled out when a request to provide lsusb -v output at the different settings went unanswered sort of. The error you get recompiling the kernel The UA seems very similar, apart from having only two mic inputs rather than four, and being half the size: The resulting stereo sound includes a muted channel with noise.


Edirol UA-25

Retrieved from ” http: I’m using an UA and it works plug and play, but having difficulties with my gf UA which doesn’t get recognized by alsa, unless it is switched in 16bit mode.

UA25 rather than plughw: This Alsa feature is provided by the asym i. It seems that the patch is for Debian with a 2. Have not tried linu else yet but its a good start. You always get somebody else who got the exact same error as you do! Is this with JACK? I’ll not be disappointed I guess. So I unplugged it, set it to Advanced, then replugged it.

Basically, I am looking for something that picks up natural, accurate, and edriol sound across the whole spectrum. This PCM combining the dmix and dsnoop slaves pcm.