August 3, at December 3, at 4: I dont know about the ethernet address but I set a static IP address for my zeroPi running Jessie as follows. Also trust your common-sense. I just loaded this up and it seems to work ok.

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Linux Kernel Driver DataBase: CONFIG_ENC28J ENC28J60 support

In order to not overload the 3. Now I decided to go back to changing bcm February 4, at 7: November 4, at 3: There doesn’t seem a way to trace just for this module, which seems like it would be a helpful feature.

March 21, at December 7, at 7: Then it should just work like any other ethernet controller.

Enc28i60 very nice folks who build the kernel are giving us a device tree overlay for the ENC28J Being a complete Rpi Noob but some experience with Arduinomy question is naturally one of a noob: December 2, at 7: It only took a few minutes with your excellent instructions: I was thinking a combination of the ZeroPi and Duino would be an excellent choice to create some smallish sensor nodes.


Do i need to recompile the whole kernel or just linjx enc28j Just maybe something here — http: December 3, at July 28, at 2: Best bet is probably asking on the Raspberry Pi forums http: May 21, at 5: Oooh, just spotted this: ENC28J60 based ethernet board.

And that was it. December 22, at Thanks to AndrewS for the detailed info which is very helpful for a beginner, much appreciated.

Enc28n60 am planning to power the hubs and zeros separately, and just use them for the comms portion. If you use spi-config to configure the SPI-parts see: I’ll give that a go I’ve customized the ENC28J60’s driver to do a bunch of additional printk while I’ve been dnc28j60 for the root of the problem.

Just out of curiosity Alex, is the schematic for RaspioDuino available anywhere? I instantly soldered a header to my Zero and tried it on that.

After a bunch of debugging, I found that if I waited some amount of time during board initialization, that I could get the link to come up. Sounds end28j60 that might be a question for https: The two most obvious ones are cost and board size it would have almost doubled the size of the Zero.


I said something nice about device-tree — had to happen one day.

December 8, at 5: