I normally just jump to a point using this mouse or use marker list to navigate. I’ll check in with Ben and see what’s up. Here is what is working: These changes will be available in the upcoming v3. What else is there on the market that will give you 16 or more faders other than the Mackie Control Universal? Studio One version is mentioned further up. I also got my transport working, but then it’s also more configurable.

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Blackmagic Forum

It is so nice to have real faders under your fingers. Log in to your My Artist Series account: For the serious colorist who doesn’t have money for a more expensive unit.

I had my artist mix working in one direction, from Mixbus to unit and could clearly see it did send some messages although not according to the spec as it seems. The slim-line controller attaches to a Mac or Windows computer via Ethernet, and features high-resolution optical trackballs, track wheels, displays, encoders and a host of programmable keys to speed up and enhance the Apple Color workflow. Although I have not had this long, I am confident it will improve precision and speed.

New EuCon Software For Euphonix MC Pro & System 5-MC DAW Controllers

I set out with trying the Mix series anyways as I just wanted some fader and pan control of Studio One. I have not successfully got the jog and shuttle wheel to work. I have been waiting for this update! How did you set it up to work? No control over Aux sends, EQInserts, ect Transport controls under the shift function Anything else Eucon specific Now it might seem like a waste to not have all of the Eucon functionality. I only have the MC Mixes in my setup. I have used the Mackie Control in Cubase in the past and found that all i really used was the basics – faders, mute, solo, pan.


I’d like to customise some of the functions a little differently, but it seems you’re stuck with the setup which Blackmagic provides which is perfectly OK This product works perfectly with Color and help me do my work faster!

Probably returning to reevaluate which surface to get. In my case, I’m using MacOS The default layout for Davinci Resolve is also very good.

There just aren’t very many options out available! If you’ve gotten it working, do you mind posting your settings? The features are not as complete as a ‘real’ MCU, but the essentials faders, mutes, solos, pans work fine. These changes will be available in the upcoming v3. Faders, pan, transport, solo, mute, record, selection, bank faders, all work as expected.

The build quality is top notch. Use the arrows along the side to place the order of the MC Mixes from top to bottom as to reflect the order of the physical units from left to right. Search on forums sadly did not give any detailed setup guide. If you do not receive the confirmation email, check your junk or spam folders.


PC Drivers for Euphonix Artist officially announced! –

So if you’re reaching for a channel, to tweak some EQ settings for example, a quick way to reach the channel would be to select windoas on the control surface and you’d be sure your channel showed up on the screen. It’s possible to eupgonix a video tutorial to configure the Artist Control in Mackie control mode with Studio One 2?

My Artist Series is your online portal to download the latest Artist Series software, contact Customer Support, and register your Artist Series products.

Good for you for having it handy and working! The best in this category if you use Apple Color. I appreciate the fact that it was made specifically for Apple Color, so it works fine out of the box. Enter new zip code to refresh estimated delivery time. Using the Faderport along with the X-keys for common shortcut commands and navigation works best with my workflow. Remember that this is a session config, so you have to do it again in every old session the first time that you open it.

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