It does take a bit of getting use to with regards to the buttons. You just scroll through the file list with the arrow keys and press Enter to show the image full screen. Yet besides the obvious benefit of the 20Gb storage capacity you also get all the other features that it has to offer. We’re not fortunate enough to have twenty 1Gb microdrives laying about, but laid side by side they’d probably be about the same dimensions of the Phototainer. This makes the rather busy interface a bit less cluttered. Friend of mine has had it all over Viet Nam And if so, what are your thoughts on it?

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Operation speed isn’t very fast, with some Minolta Dimage 7i images on the hard drive it took about five seconds to load the next image when browsing. At current rates, that is around UK pounds, which is not so different from the Crown Digital price.

It also doubles up as an MP3 or video player should you desire so. This corrupted the disk. The unit measures mm x 92mm x 32mm – roughly the size of a paperback book, so it is not really small enough to fit a shirt pocket comfortably, and we feel it will be more phototainwr home in your gadget bag than your trouser pocket. That potential confusion aside, though, the FlashTrax looks to be a pretty interesting device.

When viewing photos on screen you can perform basic editing functions such as copy, paste or delete. It comes with a USB cord for downloading files to your computer and a combination AC power pack and recharger. All forums Accessories Talk Change forum. The slow browsing speed can be got around somewhat by switching to thumbnail view and locating the photo you want that way.


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We’ve selected our favorite lenses for Sony mirrorlses cameras in several categories to make your decisions easier. Also, the copy LED is jnnoplus dim that you have to cup your hands to read it outdoors – even on the darkest, grey-skied British Summer’s day!

However, compared to dedicated MP3 players on the market today the FlashTrax loses out on size as it is quite a lot bigger than the competition, no doubt due to its 2. The car charger came in handy more than once when camping out and not in a motel. Look at the screen which rests on two small rubber dots when closed, or the CF slot at the front, which is closed off with a large rubber flap to protect it from dust or debris entering. In my experience the battery life is acceptable, Although I accept it will not last two weeks and download 10gig from one charge.

The screen lights up to reveal an Explorer type menu. But then hey, the same is true for your precious digital camera, and you don’t go about trashing your gadget bag when on the move either, or do you.

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Documentation provided is good, though some small details left me scratching my head till I figured them out. No screen but will transfer 10Gb on its own battery.


I particulalry like the ability to see the images. FlashTrax allows you to store, view and play all sorts of media files, all in one palm-sized portable device.

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This could generate the inertia necessary to assure their survival against Microsoft’s might. It may not be a replacement for a DSLR, but it can complement one well for some uses. Oh, and the battery life is pyototainer poor. Are you happy with the Cinema disk? We bought 7 20 Gig FlashTrax units for our in-house corporate photo section.

F Forum M My threads. The video-out cable doesn’t reach far to the TV, but luckily there is a remote control supplied which provides quite comprehensive controls. Submit a News Tip! Seems that lately we pay more tax too!

Can circular filters be stacked? I found I had to recharge the thing more often than I had hoped, but since I charged it every evening, I seldom if ever used up the battery in a day’s shooting.

If you’re looking phototaiber a high-quality camera, you don’t need to spend a ton of cash, nor do you need to buy the latest and greatest new product on the market. Copying photos from you image card couldn’t be simpler. It did solve the storage problems in the field very satisfactorily, and it’s a heck of lot cheaper than buying 20 Gig’s worth of CF cards.