Sign in with Facebook or. On older Macs, you could run a 3. Older OS X If you could run through your problem maybe I can help? I did everything You typed for me to do! Is it possible to use multiple inputs too?

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It works but only records my voice and not my desktop audio, Any suggestions?

However, when I have the master on, I keep getting this irritating high-pitched noise that goes along with anything I play on Mac.

Holy mother of GOD!

This solved my exact problem perfectly. This was so incredibly helpful!

Create tutorials, make a demo for the web, record your favorite game World of Warcraft! Wait — got it! HD lets you specify your own capture area. Includes built-in presets for Final Cut.

Do you have any advice for how I can set my volume loud enough for an appropriate setting to broadcast, but still not heart my own ear drums and enable me to use my mic without the feedback from the speakers blasting? Some recent gaming videos – deKay’s Blog. Is it possible to use multiple inputs too?


You can add your suggestions to the right. Did you manage to uninstall the Soundflower? Date 05 Oct This time, however, I finally looked up how to and in the process came across a new utility which effectively replaces it, and works: What do I do!? Leave a Reply Cancel reply.

iShowU HD Pro free download for Mac | MacUpdate

A year or so ago I tried to get either of two solutions working: I am trying to use the sounds from my Logic Pro music software for when I am streaming live on facebook. Mega Drive — Y. Show your viewers soundfllwer keys you’re using to perform tasks HD Pro only. Sign in with Facebook or. It looks like this in the Audio tab for me. Webinar starts in a few hours… he he! Finally someone who fixed the audio issue with Mac.

You can also try ApowerRec in recording your screen. This was a troubling problem, a nightmare even as we have a broadcast coming up this weekend.


How to capture Mac desktop audio with OBS

Say goodbye to “post cropping” of video. It is still possible to have 2 seperated channels for Desktop Audio and Mcrophone? It Wont Work For me at all! Thank you, unsung hero of my day!

This is great and very helpful. I always take it to record videos and upload to YouTube so that I can share with soundflowed. Share it here as an alternative to OBS. Helpful, though I find that the computer will only pick up a microphone if the microphone is set to an input source in Mac sound settings… though by doing so, I have to remove the multi-input device as the input source.