Added experimental support for Sharp VSH. Updated Wi built-in customizations. The real standalone way, no EMMA smartcard usage, world’s first! Microsoft Lumia WP8. Added support for unlocking several new U firmwares. Slightly increased flasher verbosity. Installer updated – minor Windows 98 issue fixed.

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Samsung G,G, G Reader.

Added support for patching newer LG 3G firmwares. Remember ain98 recalculate CRCs the phone should be attached as J N, N, N Gucci: J repair file has been released. Added Direct unlock for CID E71i, RHE71i, other Louis: Minor changes to booting code.

siemens unlock and repair clip

MS Lumia i inne – udoskonalone operacje serwisowe – WP8x: Naprawa operacji MAUI udoskonalona: An error message might have been displayed when no error occurred. A W testpoint picture added to the help file.

C, Ni, other NTC: Pakiet FlashUpdate zaktualizowany do najnowszej wersji Lumia Wp8x: Added an option to write replacement unit customization. N95, N97, N98, other Jincen: Experimental FOTA support added. NTi8, Q6, other Nex: Anyway, this is the fastest way of unlocking these phones available on the market.


F, F, F99, other Fory: Updated Ki built-in customizations. Asian to J030, Euro to Asian decustomization operator logos, wap settings etc. Released Sharp VSH testmode flash files. D, D, V98, other Bluetooth: Fixed a bug in reset life-timer functionality.


Added queue processing in loop mode you can add new jobs during calculation – The transaction bar have been a bit resized – Cyclone Box HW Rev B11x, C11x added – Models. It is not necessary to reflash phone firmware after using this file.

n300 C, S, other Chinese-Blackberry: Battery reset needed, software will prompt you, but not always. Added support for flash ID 0x F, F, G, G, V, other oooooo: GDFS configuration bug fixed for Za. Write previously backed-up RPL file 5.

There is a way to enable it, though its use is deprecated. Odblokowanie nowych modeli jak np.