After you have made the changes you need to make press [ESC] to return to the main menu. Pci Slot Replace the computer case cover. Specifications and information contained in this manual are subject to change without More information. Chapter 1 Introducing Hardware: Advanced Bios Features F6:

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VIA Technologies K7MKLE User Manual

Page 59 This will shut down use of the integrated buffer, no delayed transactions are allowed. No part of it may be reproduced. Software Installation The software section describes the drivers that need be installed to make your OS operate properly. Our powerful ISM Intelligent Shutdown Master function will smartly cut off the power supply once the cooling fan fails and safely secure your CPU and main board against possible damages.

Page 60 AGP Writes take longer than 1 wait state, default setting. For the location of the jumper and the battery, refer to the following picture: Please do not remove the plastic film until you have practiced installing the heatsink and mounting ivdeo clips on the socket. If you run into k7mkoe with expansion cards this may be due to interrupt issues. Heatsinks induce improved processor heat dissipation through increased surface area and concentrated airflow from attached fans.


Pressing that button will force the system into suspend mode. Please refer to the Memory Installation section.

For IR devices that support full duplex. This reduces the temperature of the processor. Wake-On-LAN is a remote management tool with advantages that can reduce system management workload, provide flexibility to the system administrator’s job, and of course save time-consuming efforts and costs. Page 68 The system will never enter suspend mode. The drivers are provided on the driver CD. To allow you to do this read the following instructions. Learn about power management settings. Refer to the table below for details: When you are working under windows, always use the shutdown feature under the start button Yes, very logical.

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Debian HCL – -assembled / P5Q-E based with Intel QuadCore

For the floppy disk connector location, refer to the following picture: As for how to find out the specific settings recommended for various video cards, the best recommendation would be to contact your video card vendor first attempting to contact the chipset provider as well may be advisable. Important Information Copyright This publication, including all photographs, illustrations and software, is protected under international copyright laws, with all rights reserved.


When you are holding the heatsink, make sure you do apply pressure to the fan. When you do that, the corner of processor that is cut off will be positioned next to the release pivot. Index offers all the information on all the drivers. Take the power cord from the power supply. Managing, Maintaining, and Troubleshooting, 5e. Default is IRQ 5.

Via Technologies K7MKLE Manuals

Notice that at the top of the socket on the motherboard near where it says “Socket ” the corners also do not have positions for pins. See the description is the CPU Installation section below for more information. Refer to the picture below for the position of the DIMM slots: Refer to the following picture: For the lay-out of the AXT connector, please refer to the following picture: Press [enter] to enter the selected submenu.