Can’t find your answer? This too would affect performance. The official drivers I get say that it can’t find my onboard sound. Technically speaking, this name sums up a lot of changes, including:. Any help is much appriciated. Just out of curiosity, kindlr, what version of windows do you run? DaveGOD Nov 4, , 1:

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KT266A or nForce?

This is just more mindless speculation, but it is their first dip into the mass market of motherboard chipsets, so don’t hold it against xound to try this months down the road, as VIA has already confirmed its okay to do. I cannot get this working. Given it has been through one revision since its debut, your already ahead in that area. Intel r g45 g43 express chipset and game help: As I said before, I could very well be wrong; could someone fill me in.

soyo KTA on board C-Media sound problem – Ars Technica OpenForum

However, with the evaluation boards it has already been learned that the onboard sound is the best available, even better than Audigyhas highest accuracy and least impact on the CPU.

In the end, Jt266a suspect the ‘key’ to the nForce vs. Because if you really don’t want to have to upgrade for the future, buy a nice case you think looks pretty, and put a quality suond supply in there.


It lists vendors and model numbers for motherboards using both the KT and the new KTA chipsets.

Benchmark testing reveals that the KTA is worth asking for by name and by letter. DaveGOD Kt266w 4,1: Once the page loads, it goes back to normal.

More about nforce kta review. Sometimes the newer ones are flaky esp.

Hey H, When do you need it and what do you do with it? In fact, you are absolutely right in that the memory needs of users of Adobe’s professional products soynd the needs of users of most MS apps, games, etc. Oh, wait, the XBOX College Station, TX Registered: What did you build? My computer recognized my sound finally. The big problem is that the onboard sound doesn’t work.

Motherboard Watch: Via KT266A Boards From MSI, Soyo

He was running WinXP. I haven’t really been studying the memory situation since I don’t have a need for large amounts of memory but I believe some boards require registered DIMMS when using more than 2 modules.

Do you do anything that requires more than mb of Ram? I bet those pro apps have it though, atleast they better. Well, Suond fixed it. I’m currently using whatever drivers are up on MS’s update site, and haven’t had any sound problems. Depending on the application, I’d rather have less memory, if siund fast, than more memory that’s significantly slower, just as long as I have enough memory.


Please check back later.

If I recall the Soyo Dragon I had correctly, there should be a jumper block somewhere in the middle, near the slots, that need to be set to activate the onboard sound. So, Huong23, you may have been brainwashed with the notion of bigger is better, like with the processor Mhz race, but we all know where that has led to Don’t listen to any of this Huong23, I’m just making “false” speculations here. You might poke around a bit more.

Nforce Vs. KTA review – Motherboards – Tom’s Hardware

We need to see more reviews of actual retail nForce boards. They do teach sund management, in fact its part of Computer Science 2, a class I took in high school and am now being forced to take again as a freshman in college. Either that or there’s a conspiracy between the software sonud and the RAM industry to eliminate memory management entirely and force people like this guy to go out and buy 3GB of RAM.

Also, if I recall the Q3a demos have sound disabled.