Anyway, all heatsinks remain warm, far from the critical temperatures. MSI may even break the record in heat pipe density: Aesthetically it’s really quite appealing too — the colours keep it simple to understand, yet more “grown up” than the Gigabyte for example, and thankfully this isn’t a DDR3 board so there are no pink memory slots! Another two pipes go from one of the heatsinks on the VRM. The netbook revolution continues to motor forwards, and with the launch of Intel’s new tiny Atom processor just a short while away – we take a quick first look to see what MSI’s new inch Wind is like to use. We don’t understand why insulate these cool DrMOS chips MSI shows advantages of their thermal conditions in this strange video clip from the chipset heat. While we’ve been inundated with P45 boards from across the breadth of the motherboard world, Asus is the first to us with a BIOS that works well.

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When we examined heatsinks on DrMOS chips, we were shocked by a thick layer of thermal interface under them.

Memory Performance 8 – Subsystem Testing: We can also mention a couple of jumpers not even buttons! Moreover, when the system is working at full steam, all these regulators can reduce mi number of active channels to lower power consumption and consequently temperature in idle mode.

Note the on-board indicators. The chipset and memory modules are powered by their own dual-channel circuits based on the classic technology with MOSFETs.


Now it’s turn to take a look at a top motherboard from the Platinum series. Written by Richard Swinburne.

MSI P45 Platinum Motherboard

Note that the IDE controller installed on this motherboard modern chipsets from Intel lack the integrated solution in their Southbridge puts up praiseworthy performance. Video 3Digests Video cards: Besides, functionality of these products is vast rather than unique — that is it’s a usual top series similar to Deluxe series from ASUS.

Board Layout The general layout is really very good — we found no real issues at all. By the way, this motherboard turned pltinum quite temperamental about memory: Besides, the motherboard offers the following extra functions:.

MSI P45 Platinum Motherboard

Audio Performance 7 – Subsystem Testing: But we have no doubts that the motherboard would perform on a par with its competitors in identical modes. Asus Apple Sony Google Valve. The netbook revolution continues to motor forwards, and with the launch of Intel’s new tiny Atom processor just a short while away – we take a quick first look to see what MSI’s new inch Wind is like to use.

MSI assures that it’s done by popular demand of novice overclockers, who don’t want to mess with complex settings. Today, we’ve got pictures and thoughts on two of the company’s newest motherboards – the P45 Platinum and K9N2 Diamond. However, modern computers with Socket have such a large throughput margin, than small timing changes usually produce a weak effect on results. The DS3R legend is back, and we take the latest budget “energy efficient” P45 from Gigabyte to the cleaners, platinnum see if its whites are whiter than white.


It looks imposing, it does not take up much room, it does not interfere with most CPU coolers, and most importantly, it’s not very expensive: You can read about MSI utilities in our full reviews of motherboards from this company. Memory Performance 8 – Subsystem Testing: Single Card 12 – Gaming Performance: Carrying on with the good looks, the heatpipe array is a visual extravagance with pipes and fins popping up everywhere from the central north bridge; MSI was always good at this sort of thing having launched its loop-da-loop CircuPipe last year too.

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Asus Apple Sony Google Valve. Richard sits down and pens the details – more curvy pipes and more lanes seem to be the flavour of the month. MSI X38 Diamond preview. Plus indicating power on and voltage at the motherboard. The NB heatsink is mounted with normal metal screws instead of plastic latches on the back side of the PCB.

As we increased timings to in DDR mode, we expected no performance records from this motherboard. Does this mean MSI has made the core experience that much stronger — focusing on making better what it already knows? If you have an Eee already – you might want platinnum look away now.