Printing Files To abort the current job, click Cancel. The original is scanned into memory before transmission. Then the installation will start and a test page will not be printed at the end of the installation. Remove all message appears software from the StartUp Group, then restart during installation. To install the printer software on the computer, perform the appropriate installation procedure depending on the printer in use. Correcting numbers or names If you make a mistake while entering a number or name, press the left Scroll button to delete the last digit or character. Note You can also click Import and obtain your address book from your computer.

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However, once it heats up, it frees it up enough to turn but can occasionally lock up again when paper starts feeding through it. Turns the alarm sound on or off.

Advanced Printing Advanced Printing This chapter explains printing options and advanced printing tasks. Roller misfeed Open the scanner lid.

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Secure free memory to resume by removing data stored in the memory. Paper Tab Paper Tab Use the following options to set the basic paper handling specifications when you access the printer properties. Page 82 Condition Possible cause Suggested solutions The paper muratdc For many software machine selection in the applications, the paper selects print printer properties source selection is found materials may be incorrect.


Setting sounds You can control the following sounds: Changing The Default Document Settings Option Description Auto When mcx-3050 a fax containing pages as long as Mmfx-3050 or longer than the paper loaded in the paper tray, the machine can reduce the size of the original to fit the size of the paper loaded in the machine. Copying This chapter gives you step-by-step instructions for copying documents.

Your machine has a dual in-line memory module DIMM slot. There are many things that can cause similar issues.

Clearing Paper Jams Roller misfeed Open the scanner lid. Self Diagnostic The engine in muartec Temperature Select your machine on the available printers list and click Properties. Duplex Printing Duplex Printing You can print on both sides of the paper.


Before printing in the duplex mode, decide on which edge you will be binding your finished document. Shows all of the printer classes. When you have finished, press the Scroll buttons to select No at the Another No.? Allows you to shift the speed buttons to access numbers 16 through Using A Favorite Setting Using a Favorite Setting The Favorites option, which is visible on each properties tab, allows you to save the current properties settings for future use.

Scanning Scanning Scanning with your machine lets you turn pictures and text into digital files that can be stored on your computer.

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Forwarding Faxes Enter the job name you want and press OK. Installing Printer Software in Windows This chapter includes: Click the service icon according to your job. Caution Before clearing the memory, make sure that all fax jobs have been completed, or you will lose those jobs.


Change the scan options in the Image Quality and Scan Area sections. While pushing the fuser lever to the right, open the fuser door.

Muratec MFX-3050 User Manual

Open the multi-purpose tray and unfold the multi-purpose tray extension, as shown. The document is scanned and the image preview appears in the Preview Pane.

Do not open packages of paper until necessary so that the paper does not absorb too much moisture. Checking Replaceables Checking replaceables If you experience frequent paper jams or printing problems, check the number of pages the machine has printed or scanned.

Once you have installed SmarThru, you will see the SmarThru 4 icon on your desktop. Your machine begins scanning the original, and then asks if you want to scan another page. Align the left end of the Mf-3050 roller with the slot and push the right end of the roller into the right slot.

Paper feeding problems Condition Suggested solutions Paper is jammed Clear the paper jam.